The Benefits of Natural Pet Foods For Your Furry Friends

As we learn more about the world of pet food, it becomes clear that pet food is not all made the same. 

For the longest time, store-bought pet products have been known to use artificial flavours, animal by-products, fillers, chicken meal, additives, preservatives and more to fill out the food. This happens as the pet food industry is largely unregulated, and so it falls to pet owners to keep our furry friends safe. 

The best way to do this is to examine the ingredient list on the pet food. For example, if you choose 

premium food, you can often find better ingredients, listed higher up on the ingredient list. The above premium foods are natural and organic foods which don’t contain artificial colours, or flavours and sometimes are preservative-free. In addition, these foods are made without fillers and the like. 

So if you want to invest in your dog’s health, here are some of the benefits: 

Better Protein & No By-Products

Natural and organic pet foods offer proteins of a higher quality than a conventional dog and cat food. Turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, and pork are frequently used as protein sources, which are generally of human grade. When you shop around, good indicators of the product’s healthfulness include the absence of growth hormones, other chemical additives, cheap animal by-products, fillers, gluten, diseased tissues, and artificial flavours.

Better Digestion Overall

When fed natural and organic foods, pets typically have an easier time digesting them. In an animal’s digestive system, human-grade meats and proteins and natural, easily digestible whole grains like oats, barley, and others make a big difference.

Pets may occasionally experience gas, bloating, diarrhoea, or occasional vomiting after eating lower-quality foods. A natural or organic diet may be suggested after a veterinarian checks for any other underlying illnesses. The pet’s stool will be better formed and less odorous if its diet is free of toxic chemical additives, dyes, and preservatives.

Better Nutrition Overall

Natural and Organic food sources of higher-quality protein provide pets with more nutrients. IAs a result, these higher nutrient levels benefit a pet’s overall well-being, growth, and bodily functions. Additionally, pets may benefit from a well-balanced diet that includes foods high in vitamins and minerals, just like humans do. Vitamins and minerals can make a pet’s skin, coat, and eyes brighter and clearer.

Fewer Allergies Overall 

When you switch your pet’s food to healthier and more natural pet food, you are reducing bad ingredients and the addition of higher-quality proteins and abundant nutrients aid in maintaining a pet’s immune system’s health. In turn, a healthy immune system can reduce food-related allergies and diseases like joint pain, digestive issues, skin irritations, and infections.

Increased Weight Management

In natural food, there aren’t any heavy, carb-based fillers or by-products, so it’s easier for pets to keep a healthy weight. When pet owner is trying to manage their pet’s health or prevent their pet from becoming overweight, nutrient-dense food can be helpful.

Better Food = Better Life

A pet’s quality of life can be improved by eating better food. With a healthy diet as the foundation of a pet’s lifestyle, they will live a long, healthy life.

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