Learn about Handmade carpets in ten minutes

Learn about Handmade carpets in ten minutes.

We all want to renew our home after some time, but it is so costly now you can enhance the beauty of your home by placing handmade carpets. It gives a trendy look to your room or lounge where you place these handmade carpets. These carpets are also made with colorful bright colors which suit all the interior. In this blog, we will guide you all about handmade carpet which is helpful for you when you intend to buy them for your home.

What is a handmade carpet?

Hand-knotted or hand-made carpets are made with a distinctive design of loom or hand-knotted manually.  Hand-made carpets are knotted with coarse woven and fine weaving. It is obtained from different knots which are tied around two weaves. In contrast, machines use some power of looms which are automated and controlled by a computer in hand-made carpets. Human effort can be easily seen and praised. This is a tough job to do.

From where has the concept of a handmade carpet arrived?

These beautiful handmade carpets are equally popular nationwide among people of all countries who like them. These traditional handmade carpets are prepared by the women of the Kyrgyzstan tribe. It is a country of giant mountains and extreme weather can be found there. The women of nomadic tribes also use sheep wool in the making of handmade carpets which are famous for Shyrdak carpets.

Why do people like handmade carpets?

Most people like handmade carpets because these carpets can spend decades with you. These carpets are also famous because of their excellent design and expertly woven used methods. Woven is tightly knotted in its design when these carpets are matched with machine-made carpets then you can analyze the enormous difference between them due to being mass-produced and handcrafted by using hands. These handmade carpets are always higher in price.

Hand Made carpets are available in different textures and weaves which can be described easily. It has several types which are as follows.

Persian handmade carpet

Persian carpet depends upon so many designs. Like a floral print human or animal picture on the central part of the carpet’s bundle of muted Colors applied on its making red, blue, maroon, and red this carpet fringed at both sides.

Turkoman handmade carpets

These carpets look very stylish when placed. They consist of geometric design and vivid red and green color mostly used in it along with other mute colors. These carpets have webbed fringes at the end.

Caucasian handmade carpets

These carpets are famous for their sharp outline and contrast of bold colors with the combination of yellow, red, and blue giving an appealing look when placed in any area.

Turkish handmade carpet

Turkish carpets are a mixture of geometric designs with a color combination of floral prints the color used in Turkish carpets are bright.

 Indian handmade carpets

These carpets are prepared with some botanical designs which are close to nature. A bundle of light and dark color combinations is applied to make it attractive.

Tapestry handmade carpets

These are another kind of handmade carpet in which weft threads and wounds on wooden needle sticks are threaded around the warp ends. It Leaves the surface flat slightly ribbed. Tapestry carpets do not have stylish textures.

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